I spent my first year at Penn State writing for the student-run newspaper, The Daily Collegian. Click the link to browse my full body of work, or, you may take a look at some of my personal favorite pieces!

I also have multiple years of experience writing in the form of broadcasts from classes, as part of the student-run network, and in internships. Click below to check out some of the full broadcasts!

Click the screenshot of my reader to explore some of my best written work from WCVB Channel 5 in Boston that I wrote for live broadcasts.

I have also contributed to various online publications such as The Tab, and even started my own blog, as an political op-ed writer. Click on some stories to see my research and style of writing come together!

In addition to The Collegian, I took many writing classes, such as print news reporting at Penn State. Click on my final feature about the story of a Penn State male coming out on campus.