(2017) Gemelli Bakery: A feature storytelling piece about the acclaimed artisan bakery and what it's like to own a small business. 

(2017) Honduras: Rescue Project

Following a group of doctors as they provide health care services in a region with the most devastating of circumstances. 

(2016) C-SPAN: A conversation with the founder, Brian Lamb, after a semester internship with the network. A conversation about the state of the media and our role as viewers.

Click the links below to see the more notable work I did related to research and production with the C-SPAN team.

(2017) Cyber Charter Schools: A package getting deeper into a new twist on the controversial debate of charter versus public schools, cyber charter schools. 

(2017): Gill v. Whitford: An activist outside of the Supreme Court on the day of the hearing. A raw video of her reactions and her motivations. 

(2017): Food Truck Festival: First attempt at a live shot, outside of the fundraising festival in State College, PA.

(2016) Voices: A feature story about a singing group that is also passionate about a cause. Produced in full during a Summer internship.

(2016) Susan Lane: A feature piece about a woman who has faced innumerable tragedies, but an inspiring smile to fight back. Produced with the WCVB team during a Summer internship.

Italian Ambassador

(2017) Partisan Gerrymandering: A hard news package for a TV reporting class looking at the activism across the country to initiate independent commissions on state ballots to end partisan gerrymandering. 

(2018) "We've Got Demand, Can We Get Supply?" A package story on the imbalance in the local Centre County housing market. 

(2018) February 2 Newscast-Centre County Report